Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Let me start by saying sorry for not posting in a while I was working a lot and between that and family there was little left. With that said I would like to get some things off my chest this past week we witnessed the most most hoffric event to happen on a US military base since Pearl Harbor a Army major opened fire on his fellow soldiers killing at least 13 and wounding many others as a veteran of the Armed Forces I am sickened and angered by this. The Major in question was A Dr. and his job was to counsel solders with PTSD instead he would berate them for attacking Muslims he wrote many disturbing blog posts on the war and even counseled the 911 hijackers. Now our homeland security directors answer to this was to tell Muslim women in the middle east that she would make sure that there is no backlash aginist the Muslim community, the President tells us don't jump to conclusions and it just seems to me that they care more about the feelings of the Muslim community then that of the families of this atrocity. There were warning signs and people have come out and said they were afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled as racist so the PC police win again and 13 American heroes lay dead sacrificed up to the liberal world of PC and the killer is the victim and the soldiers are expendable. This nonsense has to stop the majority of Muslims ARE TERRORISTS and are out to kill Americans they are now praising this madman and we true are left to mourn our loved ones and fellow soldiers while DC goes out to do damage control with the enemy. I think we can plainly see that the politicians will not listen to us and all the marches in the world will not stop them in there plot to radically transform this great nation into a the liberal pile of trash they so badly want. This weekend they passed there heathcare grab and I personally see it going all the way Pelosi and Obama just do not care we have to say. To them the middle class need to be stopped they are tring there hardest to punish us at every turn I talk to people all day and hear the same thing I got laid off I have to work 2 or 3 part time jobs to pay my bills and on and on the same thing while people already getting assistance are getting more and more and big banks keep getting our tax money bail outs the middle class get nada sorry man cant help you. We are punished for believing in America in God in our families, for believing in the dream of America. They are shutting us out and shutting us up we have payed our share even though we didnt always agree in what it was being spent on and now those we elected to represent us are geiving themselves sweetheart raises while we are tightening our belts more and more. I for one can no longer watch as mine and my friends and neighbors are put out of there jobs and homes and DC continues to flood the sinking boat of freedom. I will try to get out the word as often as I can will continue to fight for true conservative ideals. I refuse to be labeled a racists or unpatriotic because until the liberals have spilled the blood I have in defense of this great country watched as a fellow solider was dieing they do not know true patriotism. This Government has gotten to big for its britches and they forgot somewhere along they way what they were elected to do instead they us there office as there own political pulpit to push there radical agendas and as there own money maker. We have become nothing more then serfs to them and I SAY NO MORE

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Class Warfare

The class warfare is getting more and more blatant. In the past two weeks not 1 but 2 boy scouts were the newest targets, the first was a six year old, who brought a camping mess kit to school, the second was an 18 year old eagle scout and national guardsman who had a 2 inch pocket knife locked in the trunk of his car. These are examples of the lefts' crazy value system, they do not seem to be able to tell the difference between a gangbanger and a responsible young man. Those two boys did nothing wrong and they just being attacked and singled out cause they were acting like boys and two because they are members of a group that the left hates and wants too get rid of so what better way then saying look they teach boys to bring so- called dangerous weapons to school. This "society of hatred" is aimed toward everything that a man is, and it is out of control. Look at TV shows that are geared towards children, they all star young girls doing girlie things, there are virtually no shows that star young boys playing Soldiers or Cowboys and Indians, or playing in the mud, pretty much anything even remotely masculine. The control freaks on the left want our young boys to grow up and hate everything that makes us men. They decided years ago that if young boys were taught not to like the things that make them boys, they would then grow up to be the men, the left deems acceptable. I have seen for years that the things, I loved as a young boy, are look at with disdain. These days parents are afraid to let young boys play in the mud for fear of some unforeseeable sickness, toy guns are hard to find in toy stores because the hippies are afraid that if we let them play with guns, they will grow up to be crazy gun toting conservative redneck racists. I have four boys and I let them be boys the boys they are, and Oh boy are they. They play with play guns, get dirty and we spend time camping and hunting, we wrestle and fish. I want my sons to grow up to be men, not a quasi metro sexual that can not fight or take care of himself. We need to tell the lefty loons to keep there big noses out of family affairs and let us decide how to raise our boys. Enough is enough stick to protesting wars and smoking dope, because that is about all these lefty loons know how to do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

Well I guess this is the beginning of the end, all of our efforts for nothing for fedzilla has stuck a crushing blow to the middle class yet again. Today all but 9 members of the senate finance committee voted to pass a health care bill that technically does not even exist. What does this say about how the fed feels about what we think? Well I for one think it should be pretty obvious that they don't think we know anything and that only they know what is best for us. Now on the political side all but one so-called republican voted no and I think we all the one who voted yes, the turn coat Senator Snow the same person who said at town halls and on countless tv and radio interviews that she would not vote for it. Just another lying professional politician I think she should leave the party and take Graham and Mcshame with her. This is an out rage and I refuse to stop the fight. I think we need to get louder and continue to support fox news and conservative blogs and websites. The white house is spending a lot of tax payers money to fund their war against these groups and we should not take any of this sitting still and quiet as they want us. They want us to shut up and accept their hostile takeover of our great nation and trust me when I say that this is a hostile takeover if it wasn't then why are they forcing these unconstitutional bills on us. We must be the patriots that our founders were and speak up and educate ourselves and each other on all that is going on,otherwise the outcome I fear is grim.

Monday, October 12, 2009


What has the "Great One" done to earn the noble peace prize? He has effectively created a nation of freeloaders, who would rather stand in line for a check, which is written on the backs of the hard working middle class Americans, then spend the time doing something more constructive like finding a job or two. In my life I have never once collected unemployment, I have gone out and worked to earn my living. I have taken jobs that were so far beneath my talents & expertise, it was a job and it allowed me to pay my bills. People today, thanks mainly to our Government, believe that everything is entitlement and that those who have should be made to foot the bill. Year after year hard working middle class families are forced to tighted there belts so that lazy freeloading entitlment junkies can get there free money. I guess all you have to do to get the "Nobel" is take from those who have and give to those who dont. The people who stand there waiting for there free money don't even know where it comes from and what does that say for America? All these people know, is that Obama said he's giving me some money. Like people with "entitlement deranged" syndrome don't get enough already? What about welfare, wic, medicaid and all the other countless entitlement programs set up for lazy freeloaders? Where is the free money for the farmers trying to make ends meat, or the truck driver who is barely making with the rizing costs of fuel, and the small business owner that may have to close his or hers doors because the economy is so bad? It's more like, lets help those that refuse to help themselves instead. You see, the other people I mentioned, need to be punished, punished for trying to succeed and punished for forgetting about those too lazy to try. America we need to say NO MORE!!! My money is not to be givin to a bunch of people too lazy to get a job, My money is not to be spent on insane entitlements that we can no sustain, My money is not for pet projects and corporate lobbyists. My money is to be spent on Nation Security and infrastructure, it is to spent on creating jobs, not on eviromental studies and space missions. Our government has forgetten that they work for us and they need to take at good hard look at the legacy they are creating. It is one of special intrests entitlements and political greed. I do not belevie this is what our founding fathers had in mind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Site

This is the link to a new social networking site I am in the process of starting please fell free drop by and join. I welcome all who feel that the people have a say in how the future of our countries should be set. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian , Conservative we all have a voice and it should be heard.

Friday, October 9, 2009

File Factory

My podcasts are hosted here and you can download them for free here as well.


So I guess the first thing today was the weird NASA video of a rocket being dropped into a crater on the south pole of the moon. They said this was to find out if there water on the moon. My question is why and do we really need to care about this. Here on planet earth a large majority of the world is out of work the global economy is falling apart and we are in shallow waters here. I love space exploration as much as the next guy but we need to focus a little closer to home. Next a brief history of the Nobel peace prize I don't see how it is such a shock that Obama got the award he is liberal he agrees to giving the UN more power over Countries and he agrees that we should disarm are military. So all these issues are near and dear to the Nobel group so look at this Ronald Regan ended the cold war he did not even get into the running. Obama I agree has accomplished nothing but that is not what they are looking at they what to help him move his liberal agenda along and now he will have more following because of it. He now joins the ranks of Carter,Wilson,Gore,and FDR. Today I saw that Detroit is facing 33% unemployment the country as a whole as far I am concerned is already at double digits and we are not looking at coming out of this anytime soon. The dollar is becoming less and less worth the paper it is printed on we are losing in Afghanistan and all I have been hearing about is how things are getting better but there a very few jobs out there and the politicians are worried about health care and adding more taxes we middle class can not survive this if we do not get some relief from the burden of higher taxes and staggering unemployment. The government must do the one thing it blatantly refuses to do and that is not get involved and cut taxes to small business and large corporations. We need to stop the growth of government we are are nearing hyperinflation yet Obama has given jobs to people with scary backgrounds making big bucks on the tax payers dime I pay for Kevin Jennings well I want him fired he is a sicko and pervert in my mind I do not want my kids being taught about homosexuality and transgenders I do not want my kids to learn about sick sex acts but he endorses this style of teaching. All of these issues and more are the reasons we must stand up and say NO MORE