Monday, August 17, 2009


Obama came to Arizona,.....Big deal! He basically called Vets depressed, suicidal, anti-social misfits, but not in those exact words. Good news, our own JD Hayworth had a town hall of his own, about 800 people showed up for that. Of course that won't show up on left-stream media. The Obama sickafants are really starting to get out of control, they want a bigger share of what we hard working Americans have rightfully earned with OUR hard work and dedication. While they sit home, collect welfare checks, get free food, free rent and now the health care they already get isn't good enough, they want better. Believe me friends, I have seen it, coming from NY, the capital of welfare and freeloading, I have stood in line at the supermarket after checking prices, clipping coupons and going down the 10 for 10 isle, to see someone with there welfare debit card go ahead with a wagon full of top of the line food, and pay only 10 dollars! It is only going to get worse, the stimulus was for them, this health reform will realisticallyonly benifit them, all this administration is doing is a transfer of wealth, aka communism. I know people who lived in communist Romania, and they've told me, that this is what went on there. Romania now is a democratic society and are enjoying prosperity. Please, I BEG you, don't let this happen here, here in AMERICA! Keep telling them, the government, that THEY WORK FOR US! Thank You And God Bless You All

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Join This

For all of you on Facebook please become a fan of this. This a perfect example of what I am talking about it shows how they really are trying to silence us middle class blue collar Americans. Why are they attacking Glenn Beck simple he tells the truth and that is more dangerous then any weapon to them. So please help by boycotting any of the sponsors of the Beck that pulled there ads.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sign Of The Times

So now that things are spinning out of control, the geniuses in our government start telling everyone the recession is over and unemployment is down. Well lets all throw a party! I don't think so!! After speaking with several people in the mortgage, banking, and investment industries, the consensuses is, that this is only the edge of the storm, and we are going into the eye of this storm next year, ARM will adjust again as they hit the 5 year mark and home prices will drop, and people will be underwater, paying off a mortgage that's worth more than their house, by 3 to1 in most markets. Job creation fell again, the so called stimulus they forced on us, has created not 1 single job and they admit it openly. So why tell everyone things are good, you might ask? If they say things are looking up, like unemployment is down and the economy is improving, they can say that that is because of the stimulus, and if we really want things to get even better yet, we need another stimulus. Just more money the government doesn't have, that we, the working class will wind up paying for. Are we going to fall for this smoke and mirrors act, or are we going to continue to stand and fight? I'm going to keep speaking out! I pray you do too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Rights

At the town hall in New Hampshire, a Patriot, an American, was carrying a gun legally, not uncommon in a Liberation state like New Hampshire, but the Left-stream media hit that like a scud missile. OMG! A Right-Winger with a gun! He must be here to incite violence! This is the insane thinking these people have. I have a CCW and I enjoy the comfort a gun gives me. We have the right to protect our families & our property, the thug that breaks into your home, more likely than not, procured his weapon by illegal means, and means to harm. Meanwhile, what they don't mention are the GOONS from from groups like Acorn, SEIU, the unions and community organizer crowds, that are showing up to yell in peoples faces, they get nasty and try to start fights. These people are trying there hardest to goat us into making the first violent move, DO NOT DO IT, DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. That will only feed into their self rightousness. They are out to rewrite the Constituion and they will do it if we do not stop them. So I urge you get active, make your voice be heard! Visit these sites for information. Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless The USA!
The US Constituion


The Attack on Middle America

I believe that there is a systematic attack on the middle class American going on, right now. There are so many signs of this, if you just look around. The stimulus was forced on us by a primarily Liberal Government, in this stimulus are all sorts of special projects designed to help illegal aliens, special interest groups, the environment, fish and animals. No where, in the stimulus, is there provisions for small business or middle class families. I saw yesterday, that 2 million in stimulus dollars were used, giving 200 dollars per child, for school supply money, sounds good right? NO!! It will only be given to those who already receive welfare benefits and or food stamps. Yet again they are giving money that we earned, from our hard work and savings, to those who do not, Reaping the rewards of our hard labor, meanwhile our families have to scrap by and cut back! I am guessing that this is what Mr. Obama meant when he said, "To get some skin in the game". I don't want to play this game, his game, with these rules.
Another fine example of this attack is the SPLC issuing a study saying Right-Wing Militia's are on the rise. We don't want things like health care reform or trillion dollar stimulus or cap and tax. I am here to say I am no member of a militia but I am against all of this. These tactics from the Left and the DNC are nothing more than mud slinging, the same partisan garbage they used against The Bush Administration. When we, Americans, try to get them to stop their dismantling of our Constitution, we are called Racist and Un-American, but the anti-Bush movement, Peta, Greenpeace, and other left-wing groups like Acorn, and Seiu are considered the the Patriots, they want big government, which is un-American!! They want the rich and middle-class to pay for those who do not earn, who do not contribute positively to the economy or to society. I say, "We all need to take a good look at what is going on, decide to stand up and say, NO MORE!!"