Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sign Of The Times

So now that things are spinning out of control, the geniuses in our government start telling everyone the recession is over and unemployment is down. Well lets all throw a party! I don't think so!! After speaking with several people in the mortgage, banking, and investment industries, the consensuses is, that this is only the edge of the storm, and we are going into the eye of this storm next year, ARM will adjust again as they hit the 5 year mark and home prices will drop, and people will be underwater, paying off a mortgage that's worth more than their house, by 3 to1 in most markets. Job creation fell again, the so called stimulus they forced on us, has created not 1 single job and they admit it openly. So why tell everyone things are good, you might ask? If they say things are looking up, like unemployment is down and the economy is improving, they can say that that is because of the stimulus, and if we really want things to get even better yet, we need another stimulus. Just more money the government doesn't have, that we, the working class will wind up paying for. Are we going to fall for this smoke and mirrors act, or are we going to continue to stand and fight? I'm going to keep speaking out! I pray you do too.

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