Monday, August 17, 2009


Obama came to Arizona,.....Big deal! He basically called Vets depressed, suicidal, anti-social misfits, but not in those exact words. Good news, our own JD Hayworth had a town hall of his own, about 800 people showed up for that. Of course that won't show up on left-stream media. The Obama sickafants are really starting to get out of control, they want a bigger share of what we hard working Americans have rightfully earned with OUR hard work and dedication. While they sit home, collect welfare checks, get free food, free rent and now the health care they already get isn't good enough, they want better. Believe me friends, I have seen it, coming from NY, the capital of welfare and freeloading, I have stood in line at the supermarket after checking prices, clipping coupons and going down the 10 for 10 isle, to see someone with there welfare debit card go ahead with a wagon full of top of the line food, and pay only 10 dollars! It is only going to get worse, the stimulus was for them, this health reform will realisticallyonly benifit them, all this administration is doing is a transfer of wealth, aka communism. I know people who lived in communist Romania, and they've told me, that this is what went on there. Romania now is a democratic society and are enjoying prosperity. Please, I BEG you, don't let this happen here, here in AMERICA! Keep telling them, the government, that THEY WORK FOR US! Thank You And God Bless You All

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