Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How have gotten here

I have been looking for answers and only coming up with more questions. I don't pretend to know how we got where we are today only that this not where we started out. This country, like it or not, was founded by men of high spiritual beliefs and morals of the highest degree. We turned our backs on those values and religious beliefs and have become a socialist country, and the majority of whom only care about themselves. I agree that my family comes first always, with that my family and I have always tried to help others whenever possible, several times, even giving up space in our home, in addition to a car & food, and countless other help wherever we could. I look at what our country is doing and I am ashamed. They use the middle class. Whom are one of the only beings left in this country who still believe in God, Country,and Family. There hard work is used to pay for those who refuse to help themselves, although they do help themselves to the working man's paycheck every 1st of the month. Our country has signed more and more of our money over to those who don't deserve it and there is no end in sight. In my eye there is a war going right now it against the middle class and against traditional American values. I know there our those who see it, Glenn Beck for one, and I know he wants to say it, but for some reason or another, can not, but I can, this is what I believe and I will continue to search out the answers.

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