Monday, September 28, 2009

School Indoctrinating

Now I have seen things these past few months that just make my head explode but this is sick.This is what they are showing children in schools in California when will it end people. When do we as parents stand up and say no more. I am not anti-homo but I don't think my kids need to learn about it in school. I say enough is enough this schools operate on our tax dollars we all need to be involved in what they teaching our kids and if we don't like it then we need to stop it. The more we sit ideally by and continue to let this happen the more damage they are going to do to our kids and that is just what they want.They are counting on our laziness. I did not make this up there is a post on this on fox,please check it out. All parents need to stand up and at the top of there lungs cry out NO MORE you will not teach my children this Garbage you will stick to the basics and NO MORE I for one did not send my kids to school to learn about cross dressing and homosexuality that is just wrong on top of that they are also indoctrinating them on all sorts of left-wing ideology. I have had enough and I hope you have too

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