Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Next

With Iran now testing there short and mid range missiles the question is what next? Well Israel will not and should not sit by and wait to see if sanctions work,the bottom line is Iran will not be affected by sanctions because there are those who will not follow them like Russia and China they may sound tough but when push comes to shove they will back Iran the reason is simple they are allies. There are those who like to believe that China and Russia are are friends and that is absolutely not true we played nice for a while America was an economic and military superpower so for lack of a better wording they were afraid of us so they behaved. Now that our Government has destroyed our economy with there overspending,entitlement programs and special interest payoffs,and there never ending destruction of our military there is no longer any fear and our enemies are flexing there muscles.So as far as I am concerned this meeting next week is a waste of time and energy when we should be working our true friends the Israeli's and getting this over with. But our President seems far more concerned with his public appearances then protecting the country from harm now he wants to time jetting off to Denmark to ask for the Olympics to held in Chicago, why would then when teenagers kill each other on camera and the politics there are as corrupt as the mob. While he is living the jet setting movie star life good true patriots are being sent home in body bags he could lessen that burden by spending some time playing President instead of world organizer and giving his generals the much needed troops.I guess O cant understand that since he never served his country he never sacrificed anything in his life. So back to my question what next I think we all know the answer we headed to a war I don't think this office can handle and as far as I am concerned They should all step down and let people who are ready to stand By America and defend her and bring her light of freedom back to full glory, take over and bring us back to the day when America didn't say sorry to dictators when a man worked and supported his family without worry of his country taking half is money to pay for dead beats and special interests,when men and women were proud to stand up and fight know ing that this was the greatest country in the world.I say no more we must stand up and take back this great land from the hands of these villainous traitors and rise up again as the country that the world to looked to as the example of freedom and prosperity.


  1. I really like your point of view. With respect to defense, you are definitely at an advantage over me. Although, I disagree with you regarding the President's concerns about his personal appearance. I believe his concern for our soldiers is the main reason he is hesitant to send additional troops to Afghanistan, even though that seems to be what his adviser's believe we need to do. I think Obama has inherited a big fat mess and he is taking his time to address each individual issue without becoming paralyzed by the normality of the situation.

  2. I have to wonder if Afghanistan will become a poker chip for healthcare with the farther leaning liberals. Will obama promise to pull out of afghanistan if the "public option" liberals will go along with his watered down healthplan? that scares me a bit.

    Let's try not to forget that a lot of the mess Obama is in was caused by his administration, not just the last one. We the taxpayer are stockholders in a number of investments that I don't remembeer asking to invest in. Wall Street was bailed out and here they are paying out huge dividends again. How long before we are called to throw more money in the pot to pay for the next "too big to fail" company.