Sunday, October 18, 2009

Class Warfare

The class warfare is getting more and more blatant. In the past two weeks not 1 but 2 boy scouts were the newest targets, the first was a six year old, who brought a camping mess kit to school, the second was an 18 year old eagle scout and national guardsman who had a 2 inch pocket knife locked in the trunk of his car. These are examples of the lefts' crazy value system, they do not seem to be able to tell the difference between a gangbanger and a responsible young man. Those two boys did nothing wrong and they just being attacked and singled out cause they were acting like boys and two because they are members of a group that the left hates and wants too get rid of so what better way then saying look they teach boys to bring so- called dangerous weapons to school. This "society of hatred" is aimed toward everything that a man is, and it is out of control. Look at TV shows that are geared towards children, they all star young girls doing girlie things, there are virtually no shows that star young boys playing Soldiers or Cowboys and Indians, or playing in the mud, pretty much anything even remotely masculine. The control freaks on the left want our young boys to grow up and hate everything that makes us men. They decided years ago that if young boys were taught not to like the things that make them boys, they would then grow up to be the men, the left deems acceptable. I have seen for years that the things, I loved as a young boy, are look at with disdain. These days parents are afraid to let young boys play in the mud for fear of some unforeseeable sickness, toy guns are hard to find in toy stores because the hippies are afraid that if we let them play with guns, they will grow up to be crazy gun toting conservative redneck racists. I have four boys and I let them be boys the boys they are, and Oh boy are they. They play with play guns, get dirty and we spend time camping and hunting, we wrestle and fish. I want my sons to grow up to be men, not a quasi metro sexual that can not fight or take care of himself. We need to tell the lefty loons to keep there big noses out of family affairs and let us decide how to raise our boys. Enough is enough stick to protesting wars and smoking dope, because that is about all these lefty loons know how to do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

Well I guess this is the beginning of the end, all of our efforts for nothing for fedzilla has stuck a crushing blow to the middle class yet again. Today all but 9 members of the senate finance committee voted to pass a health care bill that technically does not even exist. What does this say about how the fed feels about what we think? Well I for one think it should be pretty obvious that they don't think we know anything and that only they know what is best for us. Now on the political side all but one so-called republican voted no and I think we all the one who voted yes, the turn coat Senator Snow the same person who said at town halls and on countless tv and radio interviews that she would not vote for it. Just another lying professional politician I think she should leave the party and take Graham and Mcshame with her. This is an out rage and I refuse to stop the fight. I think we need to get louder and continue to support fox news and conservative blogs and websites. The white house is spending a lot of tax payers money to fund their war against these groups and we should not take any of this sitting still and quiet as they want us. They want us to shut up and accept their hostile takeover of our great nation and trust me when I say that this is a hostile takeover if it wasn't then why are they forcing these unconstitutional bills on us. We must be the patriots that our founders were and speak up and educate ourselves and each other on all that is going on,otherwise the outcome I fear is grim.

Monday, October 12, 2009


What has the "Great One" done to earn the noble peace prize? He has effectively created a nation of freeloaders, who would rather stand in line for a check, which is written on the backs of the hard working middle class Americans, then spend the time doing something more constructive like finding a job or two. In my life I have never once collected unemployment, I have gone out and worked to earn my living. I have taken jobs that were so far beneath my talents & expertise, it was a job and it allowed me to pay my bills. People today, thanks mainly to our Government, believe that everything is entitlement and that those who have should be made to foot the bill. Year after year hard working middle class families are forced to tighted there belts so that lazy freeloading entitlment junkies can get there free money. I guess all you have to do to get the "Nobel" is take from those who have and give to those who dont. The people who stand there waiting for there free money don't even know where it comes from and what does that say for America? All these people know, is that Obama said he's giving me some money. Like people with "entitlement deranged" syndrome don't get enough already? What about welfare, wic, medicaid and all the other countless entitlement programs set up for lazy freeloaders? Where is the free money for the farmers trying to make ends meat, or the truck driver who is barely making with the rizing costs of fuel, and the small business owner that may have to close his or hers doors because the economy is so bad? It's more like, lets help those that refuse to help themselves instead. You see, the other people I mentioned, need to be punished, punished for trying to succeed and punished for forgetting about those too lazy to try. America we need to say NO MORE!!! My money is not to be givin to a bunch of people too lazy to get a job, My money is not to be spent on insane entitlements that we can no sustain, My money is not for pet projects and corporate lobbyists. My money is to be spent on Nation Security and infrastructure, it is to spent on creating jobs, not on eviromental studies and space missions. Our government has forgetten that they work for us and they need to take at good hard look at the legacy they are creating. It is one of special intrests entitlements and political greed. I do not belevie this is what our founding fathers had in mind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A New Site
This is the link to a new social networking site I am in the process of starting please fell free drop by and join. I welcome all who feel that the people have a say in how the future of our countries should be set. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian , Conservative we all have a voice and it should be heard.

Friday, October 9, 2009

File Factory

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So I guess the first thing today was the weird NASA video of a rocket being dropped into a crater on the south pole of the moon. They said this was to find out if there water on the moon. My question is why and do we really need to care about this. Here on planet earth a large majority of the world is out of work the global economy is falling apart and we are in shallow waters here. I love space exploration as much as the next guy but we need to focus a little closer to home. Next a brief history of the Nobel peace prize I don't see how it is such a shock that Obama got the award he is liberal he agrees to giving the UN more power over Countries and he agrees that we should disarm are military. So all these issues are near and dear to the Nobel group so look at this Ronald Regan ended the cold war he did not even get into the running. Obama I agree has accomplished nothing but that is not what they are looking at they what to help him move his liberal agenda along and now he will have more following because of it. He now joins the ranks of Carter,Wilson,Gore,and FDR. Today I saw that Detroit is facing 33% unemployment the country as a whole as far I am concerned is already at double digits and we are not looking at coming out of this anytime soon. The dollar is becoming less and less worth the paper it is printed on we are losing in Afghanistan and all I have been hearing about is how things are getting better but there a very few jobs out there and the politicians are worried about health care and adding more taxes we middle class can not survive this if we do not get some relief from the burden of higher taxes and staggering unemployment. The government must do the one thing it blatantly refuses to do and that is not get involved and cut taxes to small business and large corporations. We need to stop the growth of government we are are nearing hyperinflation yet Obama has given jobs to people with scary backgrounds making big bucks on the tax payers dime I pay for Kevin Jennings well I want him fired he is a sicko and pervert in my mind I do not want my kids being taught about homosexuality and transgenders I do not want my kids to learn about sick sex acts but he endorses this style of teaching. All of these issues and more are the reasons we must stand up and say NO MORE

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I would like to discuss the current attacks on American Military leaders by The Administration,The Media and The People. I think a lot of this started after a speech given by Gen. McChrystal on 60 minutes when he said that since taking over the war in Afghanistan he had only spoken to POTUS once,then after being shamed into the meeting the President took time out from lobby for the Olympics to speak with the General in that talk nothing was answered and no promises made. The next meeting was the national security council again no answers on the direction of the war instead the genius Joe Biden brought up a drawback of troops so a day later in London the general was asked what he thought of the Vice Presidents idea his answer was a loud no he did not believe it would work. Immediately after that speech the liberal lapdogs went to work call the general all sorts of things one columnists went as far as to tell him to shut and listen cause POTUS is the boss not you. This is true to an extent I don't know what the feeling is in the country but this President never served a day in his life on a battlefield so for him to not take a career soldiers advice on how to proceed in the war is disgusting what are his qualifications for making war discussions where young men and womens lives are on the line he has no military experience at all so I for one side with the General. I don't think that just because he was elected it makes he qualified to make decisions on everything especially war it takes people lifetimes to understand war strategies and how to command men and minimize loss of life. When I served this country I served under some of the best military minds in the world and believe me when I say they know better then the community organizer from Hawaii. This is not a game he knows how to play. As far as Pelosi she needs to keep her nose out of it as well who the hell is she to interfere in military matters the liberal queen she would like nothing better then to shut the military down altogether. This in my mind is out of control and needs to be fixed before more good men and women lose their lives if troops are needed send them who are you to decide let those with militarily experience make the tuff decisions and stick to things like trips with Oprah for no reason.
The left have always bashed the military only this time people are getting killed and we can stop it by listening to those who know and not trying to make a bunch of military hating leftist happy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scary So I saw this link on one.six and had to read it especially since we live in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe has been doing a wonderful job here and Janey Napoliatiano has been after him since she was Governor here I guess when we thought we were rid of her it was just the start of her new power. This is the beginning first they take the power from the police and then they give them amnesty we must stop them before America is overrun with illegals. We must support the minutemen and politicians that believe that those illegally entering the USA should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and not rewarded for breaking the law.
Support Sheriff Joe if you live in Arizona or not

The Global Economy

We can all agree that Washington is spending at an alarming rate, but most people do not understand where all the money comes from. The American dollar is worth less then the euro and the Canadian dollar is catching up to us. A lot of people think that the dollar is backed by gold that is the first misconception, all the US dollar is backed by, is the good faith of the Government. We are flooding the banks with money that is not worth the paper it is printed on. We are monetizing our debt, what that means is we just continue printing money to pay things off but are not backing that money up. China and other major countries are already looking to drop the dollar knowing that it is becoming worthless. Our elected officials answer to this is, MORE SPENDING, it is proven throughout history that you can not spend your way out of an economic downturn. We must tighten the belt and cut back. The Obama administration said the country would be in big trouble if the stimulus did not pass. The country was and still is in trouble, the ice we are standing on keeps getting thinner and soon we will have nothing. I said it before and will continue to say it, we must wake up and pay attention to what is going on, not just go on watching football games and mindless reality shows, but speand some time looking at the truth. Washington has spin doctors that tell us it is okay, "we must spend some more then things will get better", "we need to pass a nother stimulus and that will steam the tide". But noted econimcs are saying "NO!". We must stop before it is too late, they are telling us unemployment will reach 10% and stay there for quite a while. The government must stop speanding money it does not have, to pay for things we do not need, they must cut back on entitlements and pet projects. We as working men and women know what it means to cut down when we need to, so why doesn't Washington? There are those out there who are calling for change, Sarah Palin is one of those people. I agree with this article because I believe America must find its way back to being a self supporting and innovative country. We need to start relying on ourselves and forget trying to support the rest of the world. We need to get our people back to work by cutting taxes to major corporations to entice them to hire. Our cities and states need to cut their business tax levels to bring in new companies, we need to give start ups and small business time to get going before we tax them into bankruptcy, we can not rise from the ashes by punishing industry and small business they are our future and we need to support them, not dimwits like Micheal Moore who attack capitalism, sure it is not perfect but it is a hell of a lot better then the alternative.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Beliefs

I think I may have come across to strong on yesterdays post, I would like to set the record straight. I don't believe that chucking out administrations at whim is a good idea, but I do think that politicians should be held to their promises and to a higher moral code, being that they are writing the laws. When officials deciding on things like tax, refuse to follow said laws themselves, but are all to willing to punish us if we don't, should in fact be removed from office. If we the people continue to allow such hypocrites to continue we are doomed as a nation. I also firmly believe that elected officials do in fact work at the discretion of the people and if they refuse to listen to us, again they must be replaced. We have seen that the current state of our elected politicians is horrendous. We sentenced a man to 150 in prison for a ponzi scam and rightfully so, but when people like Barney Frank are guilty of the an almost identical scam, there is not even a disciplinary hearing. When do we have a say? That is what I am asking. The ancient Greeks who invented the idea of Democracy would weep at the disgraceful condition of ours. The United States was once seen as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world and that light has been dimming for far to long. Around the world the people have sat idally by on their recliners watching sports and reality shows, while the governments are systematically destroying everything from economies to world security. For too long they have worried about their own careers and not the future good of their nations they claimed to love and work for. It is our right, that we question these officials and hold them accountable to the damages they have done. This is not to say that they are all terrible, I believe we do have some in office whose intent is only for the better good of those they serve. I point to the examples of officials like Former Major Rudy Giuliani of NYC when he took office NY was a toxic waste-hole of crime and corruption and without thought of his own future he turned it around. Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, started sweeping the corruption, starting with her own party, again without thought of her own career, Ron Paul of Texas, whose comments on the Federal reserve bank, and so many more have stood up to point out wrongdoings and have stood by their convictions, so we must look to the future without preconceived notions of big daddy government taking care of us, this is our country, most of us have fought and struggled for what we believe in and we must continue to do so only this time with our hearts, voices and knowledge.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Indulge if you would today, I would like to speak my mind about our current election process and the success of our elected officials. If we elect them to office shouldn't we also be able to remove them, if their polices are not in line with what the majority believe? Health care, is an example, only a minority of people think that a public option is warranted, while most of us do not. The majority of people against it are also the working class, the ones whom are most likely to be adversely effected by its implementation. So why is it that are duly elected politicians are trying their hardest to force it upon us? Why is it that in a so called democracy, we really have no say, even after all the town halls and marchers, they are still trying to sneak it passed us. We should have a say and not just every 2 or 4 years. At my job, I was hired to execute certain tasks, if I decide to make changes to my job description and perform in a manner different than what was expected, I would, not only be called on it, I may be disciplined and / or ultimately fired. We have hired these "officials", to do what is right for "the people", for us, and sometime ago they changed the job description, and for too many years, have been executing the tasks of their office in a different manner than expected by the majority of the populous. Under the current system, anyone with enough money & enough lies, could buy a political office. One of the biggest lies they keep telling us, and we keep falling for is that they will fight for us, but obviously, once they obtain the office, they force us to live with whatever hidden agenda they have, or the agenda of special interests groups and lobbyists. Meanwhile we have no recourse, and now that have amassed even more money and friends in the political elite, we are stuck. Especially, when most people have become so complacent with the system that they are duped into believing the lies. Politicians should work for us, at our discretion, not for lobbyists, campaigns should have a monetary cap, and promises made during that period should be upheld and if not, they should be fired immediately, before things get so bad that they are almost irreversible. What if we hold these officials accountable for their actions, what would our country feel and look like? America would return to her former glory, a beacon of freedom, and the land of opportunity.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So today being Sunday I would like to post some good things instead of whats wrong how about some videos of people saying whats good. we have been through a lot again this week and our conservative values were in the liberal crosshairs at every turn. So today I have some funny and inspirational videos for you to watch. This week I bring you Mary Katharine Ham speaking for all conservatives,I also have a Hamas childrens show that may bring back images of our school kids singing praises to Obama

I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday and I will be back on Monday with more Liberal lies

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unemployment Numbers

We all know that the new unemployment numbers came out and it is not good. We are at a 27 year high of 9.8%, but if we dig into that further we find that things are way worse then we may know. I found out that blue collar males are the majority of those out of work, and this is country wide, not just in hard hit areas. Financial, Construction, Manufacturing, and almost all of the trades are being pounded with lay-offs and companies going out of business. Where am I going with this? you may ask, the answer is simple, the country has decided to side with hippie environmentalists, Welfare recipients, and Special Interests rather then those who help this great country stay great. I would like to use Saturn as an example if Washington had left GM alone they might have found a buyer for Saturn but now they just have to close the doors on it, what that means is more lay-offs from the guys making the cars to the guys that clean the cars at the dealerships. If people stop to look at things a little closer they will see that the only people truly getting hurt these days is the middle class, but what else is new? The Republicans, in my mind, are not without fault here especially when people ike Senator Graham, Senator Mccain, Senator Snow and the list goes on of about 10 to 15 of them that are nothing but turncoats and camouflaged liberals, now that may not seem like a large number but our numbers are already low, they are not helping the cause. Last night the Senate Finance committee worked till the wee hours to sneak in their public option in the So called health care reform bill, and this one is a dousy, they want the States to run the public option the same states that can't come up with balanced budgets or properly fix their roads. On top of that one Obama's financial advisers are talking about a federal sales tax, again something that will hurt the middle class because the poor do not care, welfare and food stamps pay for them. Their "Tax and Spend" mentality has blown up in their faces and instead of doing the obvious, like ending welfare, ending the pet projects, and ending special interest lobbing, they want to squeeze the middle class even more. I maybe just a middle class man with a blog but I have fought for this country and believed the stories of Americas greatness and how if you work hard you can succeed but these days the law breakers and freeloaders have become the winners and us who work hard have become the losers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ego Trip

I don't normally make two posts in a day but this could not wait. So the Obamas, the crooks and Oprah went on their ego trip and boy how the mighty have fallen. Chicago was the not only eliminated but was the first city to be so. God loves us, everywhere in the great USA conservatives are laughing and celebrating.I guess the world is starting to see through him.

The New America

So here are some things I heard yesterday. Here in Arizona a DPS officer was run over, was it a drunk driver or a truck that was out of control? NO, it was a pickup loaded with not 1 or 2, but 27 illegal aliens, you see the truck was already pulled over when the officer came to assist. He pulled his motorcycle in front of the pickup, that is when the driver pulled off running the officer over. Now all parties involved were later arrested but it begs the question what will happen with them? Lucky for us, AZ has a very tough illegal alien law, so they will do time, but if this was anywhere else they would be deported and left to try again another day. These illegal aliens need to be taught a lesson and bringing them back to Mexico is not it. They need to do time, they broke the law. Now, they want health care, when will it stop? We need to also be tougher on those hiring them, throw them in jail as well for helping illegals and taking jobs from Americans. People will tell you they do the jobs no one wants. I tell them, that, in this job market people will take anything. The problem is the contractors let the more "expensive" skilled Americans go and hire the cheaper illegals. It is wrong and they need to pay.
Obama went to Denmark to vie for the Olympics to be in Chicago. His wife said having to fly to Denmark in a private tax payers jet with Oprah, was a sacrifice. First problem I have with that is, Why didn't they take Oprah's jet and why does Oprah get to fly on my tax dollars? One could say, "She is a tax payer too", Well if that is the criteria to get a ride in a private government jet, My next question & demand is Where's my ride? Second, the people of Chicago do not want the Olympics, so why waste all the money? To answer the last question Michelle Malkin did a great piece explaining that all of the Obamas buddies tend to make millions, while the tax payers get taken to the cleaners. Here is the Malkin article
The last thing I want to say today, the unemployment numbers came out yesterday and it was worse then expected, yet Biden came out out last week and said the stimulus is working better then expected and Obama said just a couple days ago that people are going back to work. It makes me wonder if they really made mistakes or if they knew exactly what they were saying, what I mean is that maybe the stimulus is doing what they want? Killing the middle class. You see the progressive liberals hate the middle class and they want us gone. There are projects set up for people in low income areas, but those of us from middle class blue collar backgrounds, the administration says, "sorry you don't qualify for these programs". We are being eradicated and there are no apologizes, we must stop this, we must bring blue collar middle America back from the edge. I have said before and will always say that we lost our way as a country when we gave up our values including small Government, Family, hard work, and most important GOD, and the more we believed in these values, the greater this country was.
Here is a link to my latest podcast and thank you all for tuning in

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today I wanted to discuss fairness it seems that everywhere you look these days everyone from the President to school teachers is preaching fairness.Well why is it that fairness only applies to those who seem to be the fringe you know people on welfare,liberals,illegal aliens and so on and so forth,but it dosent apply to hard working middle class people like you and me. Why is it that we must bend over backwards to make sure we are being fair when were the ones floating the bill all the time. One example I want to point out about this so called fairness is the federal equality questions now given when ever you fill out an employment applications if you don't already know there are 3 or 4 questions pertaining to you race and gender.It says that it is not taken into the employment process but my question is if it is not then way have it all.Another example of so called fairness the FCC diversity czar now saying that if talk radio stations are not diverse enough they will be fined now this diversity he speaks of is not just in the view point on the air but also the people working at the station.Some of you may know about the Hartford Firefighter case which is another example of this so called fairness running a muck where a bunch of white firefighters were denied promotions based on the fact that scored better on the test then other people well that the way test work are we going to end up have different test that are culturally and geographically correct, enough already. Fairness is not about making things easier for some and harder for others it is about working hard and achieving what ever you what if you what to be great, work at it don't look to fairness to help you out. We have lost our way and things are getting worse by the day so called fairness and political correctness have gotten in the way of good old fashioned American ingenuity.