Thursday, October 8, 2009


I would like to discuss the current attacks on American Military leaders by The Administration,The Media and The People. I think a lot of this started after a speech given by Gen. McChrystal on 60 minutes when he said that since taking over the war in Afghanistan he had only spoken to POTUS once,then after being shamed into the meeting the President took time out from lobby for the Olympics to speak with the General in that talk nothing was answered and no promises made. The next meeting was the national security council again no answers on the direction of the war instead the genius Joe Biden brought up a drawback of troops so a day later in London the general was asked what he thought of the Vice Presidents idea his answer was a loud no he did not believe it would work. Immediately after that speech the liberal lapdogs went to work call the general all sorts of things one columnists went as far as to tell him to shut and listen cause POTUS is the boss not you. This is true to an extent I don't know what the feeling is in the country but this President never served a day in his life on a battlefield so for him to not take a career soldiers advice on how to proceed in the war is disgusting what are his qualifications for making war discussions where young men and womens lives are on the line he has no military experience at all so I for one side with the General. I don't think that just because he was elected it makes he qualified to make decisions on everything especially war it takes people lifetimes to understand war strategies and how to command men and minimize loss of life. When I served this country I served under some of the best military minds in the world and believe me when I say they know better then the community organizer from Hawaii. This is not a game he knows how to play. As far as Pelosi she needs to keep her nose out of it as well who the hell is she to interfere in military matters the liberal queen she would like nothing better then to shut the military down altogether. This in my mind is out of control and needs to be fixed before more good men and women lose their lives if troops are needed send them who are you to decide let those with militarily experience make the tuff decisions and stick to things like trips with Oprah for no reason.
The left have always bashed the military only this time people are getting killed and we can stop it by listening to those who know and not trying to make a bunch of military hating leftist happy.


  1. Dear Sir, (Sorry, I don't know if your name has been mentioned) thank you for your service to the defense of our country, I really appreciate it.
    Although I don't agree with most of what you write, I like to read and learn what other people are thinking. As a fellow blogger I realize how much thought and time it takes to publish these posts.
    Just a couple of comments on your above post: When you say that the administration has been critical of our military leaders, ie General McChrystal, I disagree. I believe he was promoted to the Afghan theatre by President Obama after being recommended by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. As you know Secretary Gates was one of the carry-overs from the Bush administration and from many accounts is getting along well with the administration. In fact I read about a month ago that he said that some of this presidents policies were making the world safer than President Bush's.
    I did not see Obama criticize McChrystal but did see that Gates put out the memo that people should generally go up the chain of command to voice their opinions as to the war effort, and not the media. Also, Obama would not be a good leader if he did not listen to all sources, reflect on those recommendations, and make the decision as it is solely his to make.
    If he makes the wrong decision today regarding Afghanistan we could be in for another Iraq and I don't think anybody wants that. So I appreciate the reflection to get it right first rather than jumping in further. Obama did increase the troop level by about 40k so far this year.
    As far as VP Biden goes, I think he has more military experience than the president and one reason for choosing him was for his council.
    At to President Obama making decisions about the war and people's lives, as the duly elected civilian representative of the people, he must make those decisions as commander in chief as outlined in our constitution. My personal opinion (obviously not relevant on your blog) is that President Bush made wrong decision after wrong decision for years, until finally listening to the general (Petreus) and not his political advisors.
    I realize I've probably commented too much but want you to know that your above post was informative and thought provoking to me.

  2. First off I am glad that post has got you thinking and it makes me feel good that you are reading. With that being said I am always open to hear the other side of the issues. I agree on your thoughts of Sec. Gates but I don't think he was right for the job during the bush admin. and still don't think he is right.As far as his policies making the world safer,apologizing for America and making friends with ruthless dictators is not making anyone safe. I was in Irag twice and I served in North Africa as well as many other hot spots and the one thing troops need is too know that there commander is standing behind them and making leftist loons happy by seating by and waiting this out.

  3. This is a sensitive issue. While I've always maintained that Defense is not my specialty, I really believe we need to seriously evaluate why more troops are needed in Afghanistan before we send them.

    As for you remarks regarding Pelosi, whether you like her or not, she is the Speaker of the House and therefore has very much a steak in the decision to increase our troops or not. Its her job. Remember that she hires some of the smartest and most experienced people to advise her on these issues.

    The mass majority of her constituency is against war, and those are the people she represents. They elected her because of that.

  4. Thank you Gunslinger for your words. I really don't want to go too far. Plainly said, your blog provokes thought and guidance/illumination to me, I appreciate the opportunity to comment and respect your decision to allow them unfettered and comment back yourself, and finally, I need to remember that it is your blog, your thoughts and ideas, and I am a visitor and should address my comments in that manner.
    "If we can talk, we can advance" - Me :)