Sunday, October 18, 2009

Class Warfare

The class warfare is getting more and more blatant. In the past two weeks not 1 but 2 boy scouts were the newest targets, the first was a six year old, who brought a camping mess kit to school, the second was an 18 year old eagle scout and national guardsman who had a 2 inch pocket knife locked in the trunk of his car. These are examples of the lefts' crazy value system, they do not seem to be able to tell the difference between a gangbanger and a responsible young man. Those two boys did nothing wrong and they just being attacked and singled out cause they were acting like boys and two because they are members of a group that the left hates and wants too get rid of so what better way then saying look they teach boys to bring so- called dangerous weapons to school. This "society of hatred" is aimed toward everything that a man is, and it is out of control. Look at TV shows that are geared towards children, they all star young girls doing girlie things, there are virtually no shows that star young boys playing Soldiers or Cowboys and Indians, or playing in the mud, pretty much anything even remotely masculine. The control freaks on the left want our young boys to grow up and hate everything that makes us men. They decided years ago that if young boys were taught not to like the things that make them boys, they would then grow up to be the men, the left deems acceptable. I have seen for years that the things, I loved as a young boy, are look at with disdain. These days parents are afraid to let young boys play in the mud for fear of some unforeseeable sickness, toy guns are hard to find in toy stores because the hippies are afraid that if we let them play with guns, they will grow up to be crazy gun toting conservative redneck racists. I have four boys and I let them be boys the boys they are, and Oh boy are they. They play with play guns, get dirty and we spend time camping and hunting, we wrestle and fish. I want my sons to grow up to be men, not a quasi metro sexual that can not fight or take care of himself. We need to tell the lefty loons to keep there big noses out of family affairs and let us decide how to raise our boys. Enough is enough stick to protesting wars and smoking dope, because that is about all these lefty loons know how to do.

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