Monday, October 5, 2009


Indulge if you would today, I would like to speak my mind about our current election process and the success of our elected officials. If we elect them to office shouldn't we also be able to remove them, if their polices are not in line with what the majority believe? Health care, is an example, only a minority of people think that a public option is warranted, while most of us do not. The majority of people against it are also the working class, the ones whom are most likely to be adversely effected by its implementation. So why is it that are duly elected politicians are trying their hardest to force it upon us? Why is it that in a so called democracy, we really have no say, even after all the town halls and marchers, they are still trying to sneak it passed us. We should have a say and not just every 2 or 4 years. At my job, I was hired to execute certain tasks, if I decide to make changes to my job description and perform in a manner different than what was expected, I would, not only be called on it, I may be disciplined and / or ultimately fired. We have hired these "officials", to do what is right for "the people", for us, and sometime ago they changed the job description, and for too many years, have been executing the tasks of their office in a different manner than expected by the majority of the populous. Under the current system, anyone with enough money & enough lies, could buy a political office. One of the biggest lies they keep telling us, and we keep falling for is that they will fight for us, but obviously, once they obtain the office, they force us to live with whatever hidden agenda they have, or the agenda of special interests groups and lobbyists. Meanwhile we have no recourse, and now that have amassed even more money and friends in the political elite, we are stuck. Especially, when most people have become so complacent with the system that they are duped into believing the lies. Politicians should work for us, at our discretion, not for lobbyists, campaigns should have a monetary cap, and promises made during that period should be upheld and if not, they should be fired immediately, before things get so bad that they are almost irreversible. What if we hold these officials accountable for their actions, what would our country feel and look like? America would return to her former glory, a beacon of freedom, and the land of opportunity.


  1. I am only at the first sentence and I'm already angry! It would be chaos if we chucked out a government every time they went against the majority. You'd have someone different in power every year and nothing would get done. A government is there to govern - and the majority are not always right. I am going to finish reading now...

  2. Was Obama's health care plan REALLY a secret before he came into office?

  3. I don't think you understand what I am saying, I not talking about chucking out the entire Government. No where in this article did I write that or even suggest that. There are those that not only go against the majority but also abuse the power they were given. Example, Charlie Rangel, is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which over sees tax laws. He was caught and admitted that he did not pay his taxes, that should be an automatic case, for being fired. Politicians in America as well as the rest of world need to be held accountable for their actions just as the people are, they should not be held to a different standard. They are no "better" than us. I agree we can not just trow out entire Governments at whim, that would be chaos, a lot of the officials, Obama included, are clearly going against the people for their own misguided ideology. Many, in congress and senate have publicly admitted that they will vote with their ideology and not with opinions of the people in their states and hometowns. You may be right to a point about the majority not always being right but when it comes to things like health care and private matters of the family, I will go with what my neighbors and fellow working men and women say over that of ideologues in Washington. So when I say that we should be able to remove them I mean in extreme cases like we are in now. If people were to look deeper into what their elected officials are really doing they too would agree. The government is there to protect our country, not inflict their ideology on peoples' personal lives. You are right Obama's agenda was no secret, he said exactly what he was going to do, no one REALLY listened.

  4. Fair enough. Anyway, keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog even if your politics is diametrically opposed to mine.

  5. "Obama's agenda - no one really listened" Sir, yes they did. The majority of Americans voted in President Obama. We got what we paid for and we want more. Why is it that conservatives believe no one has the right to govern except them?
    All Republican presidents - legitimate. All Democratic presidents - illegitimate. Why? Why is it that polls show 60+% of the people are for a public option choice yet only one Senator and not even one Congressman will even consider voting for ANY bill? They are not voting the will of the poor people of West Virginia, they are voting the will of United Health Care and Blue Cross.
    The real death panels are from them when they deny claim after claim after claim. Shameful. And this has not one freaking bit to do with welfare and people not working for a living.
    Check out bankruptcies in this country. Do you know how many are from normal working folks like you and me who could not pay their hospital bill after they got sick? 65%.
    In your post you mention that we should be able to remove out elected officials if they are not representing the will of the people. Funny, that's exactly how I felt with George Bush and Darth Va, I mean Dick Cheney. The will of the people showed public opinion polls approval ratings for these guys at around 28% and 18% respectively. Neither were close to 50% for any of the last 4 years. Most Americans wanted them removed.