Monday, October 12, 2009


What has the "Great One" done to earn the noble peace prize? He has effectively created a nation of freeloaders, who would rather stand in line for a check, which is written on the backs of the hard working middle class Americans, then spend the time doing something more constructive like finding a job or two. In my life I have never once collected unemployment, I have gone out and worked to earn my living. I have taken jobs that were so far beneath my talents & expertise, it was a job and it allowed me to pay my bills. People today, thanks mainly to our Government, believe that everything is entitlement and that those who have should be made to foot the bill. Year after year hard working middle class families are forced to tighted there belts so that lazy freeloading entitlment junkies can get there free money. I guess all you have to do to get the "Nobel" is take from those who have and give to those who dont. The people who stand there waiting for there free money don't even know where it comes from and what does that say for America? All these people know, is that Obama said he's giving me some money. Like people with "entitlement deranged" syndrome don't get enough already? What about welfare, wic, medicaid and all the other countless entitlement programs set up for lazy freeloaders? Where is the free money for the farmers trying to make ends meat, or the truck driver who is barely making with the rizing costs of fuel, and the small business owner that may have to close his or hers doors because the economy is so bad? It's more like, lets help those that refuse to help themselves instead. You see, the other people I mentioned, need to be punished, punished for trying to succeed and punished for forgetting about those too lazy to try. America we need to say NO MORE!!! My money is not to be givin to a bunch of people too lazy to get a job, My money is not to be spent on insane entitlements that we can no sustain, My money is not for pet projects and corporate lobbyists. My money is to be spent on Nation Security and infrastructure, it is to spent on creating jobs, not on eviromental studies and space missions. Our government has forgetten that they work for us and they need to take at good hard look at the legacy they are creating. It is one of special intrests entitlements and political greed. I do not belevie this is what our founding fathers had in mind.

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