Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today I wanted to discuss fairness it seems that everywhere you look these days everyone from the President to school teachers is preaching fairness.Well why is it that fairness only applies to those who seem to be the fringe you know people on welfare,liberals,illegal aliens and so on and so forth,but it dosent apply to hard working middle class people like you and me. Why is it that we must bend over backwards to make sure we are being fair when were the ones floating the bill all the time. One example I want to point out about this so called fairness is the federal equality questions now given when ever you fill out an employment applications if you don't already know there are 3 or 4 questions pertaining to you race and gender.It says that it is not taken into the employment process but my question is if it is not then way have it all.Another example of so called fairness the FCC diversity czar now saying that if talk radio stations are not diverse enough they will be fined now this diversity he speaks of is not just in the view point on the air but also the people working at the station.Some of you may know about the Hartford Firefighter case which is another example of this so called fairness running a muck where a bunch of white firefighters were denied promotions based on the fact that scored better on the test then other people well that the way test work are we going to end up have different test that are culturally and geographically correct, enough already. Fairness is not about making things easier for some and harder for others it is about working hard and achieving what ever you what if you what to be great, work at it don't look to fairness to help you out. We have lost our way and things are getting worse by the day so called fairness and political correctness have gotten in the way of good old fashioned American ingenuity.


  1. We are on the verge of a major breakthrough with the illegal immigration deterrent program E-Verify. Washington has extended E-Verify to the end of October, but that is not enough for the 10 million plus jobless American workers. The stamp of approval of E-Verify has been recognized by the hundreds of thousands, or perchance millions of citizens and legal employees whose innumerable numbers have been disenfranchised by illegal alien labor. An apparel firm was raided by ICE and 1800 workers who are illegal have been fired, unless they can be positively accepted as having the right legal status? Unbelievable! Now without further adieu, we must lambaste the politicians until they make E-Verify permanent? It should be placed on the peak list of interior enforcement tools, and everybody who gets a pay check should be verified as part of the legal workforce.

    A huge number of suspected open border players, thought the courts would kill it as unconstitutional, or at least delay it? An amendment was presented by Sen. David Vitter that prevents any further delays in the implementation of the Social Security Administration’s No-Match-letter program. An amendment was also offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions that requires a permanent re-authorization of the application. The usual culprits tried to table the Sen. Sessions E-Verify amendment, but the motion failed and eventually passed. We have dubious decision makers in DC, who are not looking-out for the man/women in the street? This became very blatantly obvious in the stimulus bill, when no language omitted illegal workers from gaining at least 300.000 jobs in construction and other industries. The 247 G law is another successful police program, to identify illegal immigrants on the streets of our communities and highways. This law could be on the chopping block, as well as the ICE raids on pariah businesses. With modifications E-verify could detect illegal aliens applying for drivers licenses, car insurance, home mortgages, health care and much more? LET THE BLOODY EMPLOYERS WHO HAVE INSTIGATED THIS IMMIGRATION MESS--PAY FOR IT

    Both California and Nevada's lawmakers have a high percentage of illegal alien populace, so they are indebted not to enforce immigration laws. We as voters must transfer our frustration and anger to those who represent us at 202-224-3121. A continuous barrage of irate voters has upset the politician’s applecart in their offices, demanding change? You will only discover the true patriotic American politicians by going to and examining their immigration grades at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & for OVERPOPULATION statistics CAPSWEB. If we hesitate about these issues, all is lost, and the anti-sovereignty groups will take away our jobs, freedoms. If you really want to view the absolute appalling state our roads, bridges, dams and drinking water structure, watch "The Crumbling of America." The History channel has been illuminating the complete and utter indifference, while we financially support the world, wars and illegal immigrants for the business community.

  2. I agree with you 100% the illegal alien mess has screwed us real good and real hard working Americans are the ones who lose out. I watched that special on the History Channel and I feel that it said exactly what I feel and most of middle America