Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Beliefs

I think I may have come across to strong on yesterdays post, I would like to set the record straight. I don't believe that chucking out administrations at whim is a good idea, but I do think that politicians should be held to their promises and to a higher moral code, being that they are writing the laws. When officials deciding on things like tax, refuse to follow said laws themselves, but are all to willing to punish us if we don't, should in fact be removed from office. If we the people continue to allow such hypocrites to continue we are doomed as a nation. I also firmly believe that elected officials do in fact work at the discretion of the people and if they refuse to listen to us, again they must be replaced. We have seen that the current state of our elected politicians is horrendous. We sentenced a man to 150 in prison for a ponzi scam and rightfully so, but when people like Barney Frank are guilty of the an almost identical scam, there is not even a disciplinary hearing. When do we have a say? That is what I am asking. The ancient Greeks who invented the idea of Democracy would weep at the disgraceful condition of ours. The United States was once seen as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world and that light has been dimming for far to long. Around the world the people have sat idally by on their recliners watching sports and reality shows, while the governments are systematically destroying everything from economies to world security. For too long they have worried about their own careers and not the future good of their nations they claimed to love and work for. It is our right, that we question these officials and hold them accountable to the damages they have done. This is not to say that they are all terrible, I believe we do have some in office whose intent is only for the better good of those they serve. I point to the examples of officials like Former Major Rudy Giuliani of NYC when he took office NY was a toxic waste-hole of crime and corruption and without thought of his own future he turned it around. Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, started sweeping the corruption, starting with her own party, again without thought of her own career, Ron Paul of Texas, whose comments on the Federal reserve bank, and so many more have stood up to point out wrongdoings and have stood by their convictions, so we must look to the future without preconceived notions of big daddy government taking care of us, this is our country, most of us have fought and struggled for what we believe in and we must continue to do so only this time with our hearts, voices and knowledge.

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