Friday, October 2, 2009

The New America

So here are some things I heard yesterday. Here in Arizona a DPS officer was run over, was it a drunk driver or a truck that was out of control? NO, it was a pickup loaded with not 1 or 2, but 27 illegal aliens, you see the truck was already pulled over when the officer came to assist. He pulled his motorcycle in front of the pickup, that is when the driver pulled off running the officer over. Now all parties involved were later arrested but it begs the question what will happen with them? Lucky for us, AZ has a very tough illegal alien law, so they will do time, but if this was anywhere else they would be deported and left to try again another day. These illegal aliens need to be taught a lesson and bringing them back to Mexico is not it. They need to do time, they broke the law. Now, they want health care, when will it stop? We need to also be tougher on those hiring them, throw them in jail as well for helping illegals and taking jobs from Americans. People will tell you they do the jobs no one wants. I tell them, that, in this job market people will take anything. The problem is the contractors let the more "expensive" skilled Americans go and hire the cheaper illegals. It is wrong and they need to pay.
Obama went to Denmark to vie for the Olympics to be in Chicago. His wife said having to fly to Denmark in a private tax payers jet with Oprah, was a sacrifice. First problem I have with that is, Why didn't they take Oprah's jet and why does Oprah get to fly on my tax dollars? One could say, "She is a tax payer too", Well if that is the criteria to get a ride in a private government jet, My next question & demand is Where's my ride? Second, the people of Chicago do not want the Olympics, so why waste all the money? To answer the last question Michelle Malkin did a great piece explaining that all of the Obamas buddies tend to make millions, while the tax payers get taken to the cleaners. Here is the Malkin article
The last thing I want to say today, the unemployment numbers came out yesterday and it was worse then expected, yet Biden came out out last week and said the stimulus is working better then expected and Obama said just a couple days ago that people are going back to work. It makes me wonder if they really made mistakes or if they knew exactly what they were saying, what I mean is that maybe the stimulus is doing what they want? Killing the middle class. You see the progressive liberals hate the middle class and they want us gone. There are projects set up for people in low income areas, but those of us from middle class blue collar backgrounds, the administration says, "sorry you don't qualify for these programs". We are being eradicated and there are no apologizes, we must stop this, we must bring blue collar middle America back from the edge. I have said before and will always say that we lost our way as a country when we gave up our values including small Government, Family, hard work, and most important GOD, and the more we believed in these values, the greater this country was.
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  1. With unemployment at a 26 year high, the New York Times has revealed that immigration authorities at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have undertaken preparations for issuing visas to 11-18 millions (?) My guess over 20 million + illegal aliens who would be granted--BLANKET AMNESTY--if Congress is--able--to pass immigration reform legislation. Now is the time to remind your Senators and Representatives at 202-224-3121, that we demand they do NOT enroll on to this ill conceived abomination. Into our country at least a million law abiding newcomers come annually, clutching their entry visas; many waiting for years for a chance at the American dream. But the thrall of lobotomized Democrats are in for a hard lesson, including some Republican business enthusiasts, who think it's--going to be a simple solution approving this financial calamity.

    This illegal alien mess has been methodically created by both parties for decades. But monumental amounts of the US population do not agree with this outcome. LaRaza, a radical anti-Sovereignty organization, will transform the US into a third world dumping ground yet?

    All we need is mandatory E-Verify to remove from every honest business, workers who came here illegally; those who don't will suffer severe penalties. This is a murky back-door way for hard-line Liberal Democrats to sneak past all verification measures, which would approve a path to citizenship for lawbreakers thus giving them access to--YOUR--health care? All Americans GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA, to uncover the deceitful way they plan to cheat all legal workers and citizens? America is already on the road to irreversible OVERPOPULATION. Do all the people out their who are suffering from a compassion syndrome, believe--ALL--Americans want to pay even higher taxes to support corporate welfare, for the millions they have already hired? I don't think so?

    This is one of the cloaked agendas of The Council of Foreign Relations to intensify the unfettered inflow of destitute peoples into North America. We already spend more money across the globe, than anyone else? Yet the United Nations is never satisfied. We already have a negative-dollar free trade treaty, which has seen the disappearance of our manufacturing industries. To me Globalism and internationalism are dirty words, and when Americans open their eyes it might be too late? Our country is being emasculated by the illegal immigration and the financial support poured out by unaware taxpayers. America is like the Greek god "Atlas" supporting the world and its issues? That is exactly what we are doing--SUPPORTING THE WORLD? For the record 15 Democrats are already discussing your fate, as they strife to undermine immigration enforcement amendment.

    1. To permanently reauthorize E-Verify? 2. To complete the 700 miles of border fencing? 3. To continue and not rescind the No-match-letter program, that HS Napolitano has closed down. 4. Grassley’s amendment to allow all businesses that use E-Verify to run all of their current employees through the E-Verify system. Go see who the traitors are to our protection of the border at NUMBERSUSA.

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