Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unemployment Numbers

We all know that the new unemployment numbers came out and it is not good. We are at a 27 year high of 9.8%, but if we dig into that further we find that things are way worse then we may know. I found out that blue collar males are the majority of those out of work, and this is country wide, not just in hard hit areas. Financial, Construction, Manufacturing, and almost all of the trades are being pounded with lay-offs and companies going out of business. Where am I going with this? you may ask, the answer is simple, the country has decided to side with hippie environmentalists, Welfare recipients, and Special Interests rather then those who help this great country stay great. I would like to use Saturn as an example if Washington had left GM alone they might have found a buyer for Saturn but now they just have to close the doors on it, what that means is more lay-offs from the guys making the cars to the guys that clean the cars at the dealerships. If people stop to look at things a little closer they will see that the only people truly getting hurt these days is the middle class, but what else is new? The Republicans, in my mind, are not without fault here especially when people ike Senator Graham, Senator Mccain, Senator Snow and the list goes on of about 10 to 15 of them that are nothing but turncoats and camouflaged liberals, now that may not seem like a large number but our numbers are already low, they are not helping the cause. Last night the Senate Finance committee worked till the wee hours to sneak in their public option in the So called health care reform bill, and this one is a dousy, they want the States to run the public option the same states that can't come up with balanced budgets or properly fix their roads. On top of that one Obama's financial advisers are talking about a federal sales tax, again something that will hurt the middle class because the poor do not care, welfare and food stamps pay for them. Their "Tax and Spend" mentality has blown up in their faces and instead of doing the obvious, like ending welfare, ending the pet projects, and ending special interest lobbing, they want to squeeze the middle class even more. I maybe just a middle class man with a blog but I have fought for this country and believed the stories of Americas greatness and how if you work hard you can succeed but these days the law breakers and freeloaders have become the winners and us who work hard have become the losers.


  1. As an economic refugee from Georgia living in Texas until the economy improves, I agree 100% with you. We must vote the lifetime politicians out of Washington, or we will continue to get what we deserve. Everyone needs to vote in the Primary Election. Every incumbent is the problem, not just mine or not just yours. No more RINOs!!

  2. It is always good to hear that others are not asleep at the wheel. It seems to me that the country is still mostly in the corner of this admin.