Friday, October 9, 2009


So I guess the first thing today was the weird NASA video of a rocket being dropped into a crater on the south pole of the moon. They said this was to find out if there water on the moon. My question is why and do we really need to care about this. Here on planet earth a large majority of the world is out of work the global economy is falling apart and we are in shallow waters here. I love space exploration as much as the next guy but we need to focus a little closer to home. Next a brief history of the Nobel peace prize I don't see how it is such a shock that Obama got the award he is liberal he agrees to giving the UN more power over Countries and he agrees that we should disarm are military. So all these issues are near and dear to the Nobel group so look at this Ronald Regan ended the cold war he did not even get into the running. Obama I agree has accomplished nothing but that is not what they are looking at they what to help him move his liberal agenda along and now he will have more following because of it. He now joins the ranks of Carter,Wilson,Gore,and FDR. Today I saw that Detroit is facing 33% unemployment the country as a whole as far I am concerned is already at double digits and we are not looking at coming out of this anytime soon. The dollar is becoming less and less worth the paper it is printed on we are losing in Afghanistan and all I have been hearing about is how things are getting better but there a very few jobs out there and the politicians are worried about health care and adding more taxes we middle class can not survive this if we do not get some relief from the burden of higher taxes and staggering unemployment. The government must do the one thing it blatantly refuses to do and that is not get involved and cut taxes to small business and large corporations. We need to stop the growth of government we are are nearing hyperinflation yet Obama has given jobs to people with scary backgrounds making big bucks on the tax payers dime I pay for Kevin Jennings well I want him fired he is a sicko and pervert in my mind I do not want my kids being taught about homosexuality and transgenders I do not want my kids to learn about sick sex acts but he endorses this style of teaching. All of these issues and more are the reasons we must stand up and say NO MORE

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