Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Let me start by saying sorry for not posting in a while I was working a lot and between that and family there was little left. With that said I would like to get some things off my chest this past week we witnessed the most most hoffric event to happen on a US military base since Pearl Harbor a Army major opened fire on his fellow soldiers killing at least 13 and wounding many others as a veteran of the Armed Forces I am sickened and angered by this. The Major in question was A Dr. and his job was to counsel solders with PTSD instead he would berate them for attacking Muslims he wrote many disturbing blog posts on the war and even counseled the 911 hijackers. Now our homeland security directors answer to this was to tell Muslim women in the middle east that she would make sure that there is no backlash aginist the Muslim community, the President tells us don't jump to conclusions and it just seems to me that they care more about the feelings of the Muslim community then that of the families of this atrocity. There were warning signs and people have come out and said they were afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled as racist so the PC police win again and 13 American heroes lay dead sacrificed up to the liberal world of PC and the killer is the victim and the soldiers are expendable. This nonsense has to stop the majority of Muslims ARE TERRORISTS and are out to kill Americans they are now praising this madman and we true are left to mourn our loved ones and fellow soldiers while DC goes out to do damage control with the enemy. I think we can plainly see that the politicians will not listen to us and all the marches in the world will not stop them in there plot to radically transform this great nation into a the liberal pile of trash they so badly want. This weekend they passed there heathcare grab and I personally see it going all the way Pelosi and Obama just do not care we have to say. To them the middle class need to be stopped they are tring there hardest to punish us at every turn I talk to people all day and hear the same thing I got laid off I have to work 2 or 3 part time jobs to pay my bills and on and on the same thing while people already getting assistance are getting more and more and big banks keep getting our tax money bail outs the middle class get nada sorry man cant help you. We are punished for believing in America in God in our families, for believing in the dream of America. They are shutting us out and shutting us up we have payed our share even though we didnt always agree in what it was being spent on and now those we elected to represent us are geiving themselves sweetheart raises while we are tightening our belts more and more. I for one can no longer watch as mine and my friends and neighbors are put out of there jobs and homes and DC continues to flood the sinking boat of freedom. I will try to get out the word as often as I can will continue to fight for true conservative ideals. I refuse to be labeled a racists or unpatriotic because until the liberals have spilled the blood I have in defense of this great country watched as a fellow solider was dieing they do not know true patriotism. This Government has gotten to big for its britches and they forgot somewhere along they way what they were elected to do instead they us there office as there own political pulpit to push there radical agendas and as there own money maker. We have become nothing more then serfs to them and I SAY NO MORE

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